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30% credit bonus

( Net Deposit )

For Islamic & Standard Account

A 30% credit bonus on your first deposit at FXTradium enables you to take advantage of financial market trading by providing you with more capital to trade with.

Terms & conditions

  1. You are allowed to receive a bonus only for your first initial deposit.
  2. The Maximum Amount of bonus can not exceed 1000 USD.
  3. This Bonus program is not available for the ECN account and is only eligible for those has Islamic or standard Account
  4. If your free margin goes negative, we will cover your loss from your bonus.
  5. Any attempt to abuse this advantage may result in the forfeiture of your bonus.
  6. This bonus will have lasted a maximum of three months in your account.
  7. You are not allowed to withdraw your bonus and in case of withdrawal, your bonus recalculates based on your net deposit.
  8. You can only request to have one bonus program for your account.
  9. Without prior notice, FXTradium has the right to cancel or withdraw your bonus.

Net Deposit = Total Deposit – Total Withdrawal

For instance, a client deposits 1000 USD and receives a 300 USD credit bonus; then withdraws 400 USD, resulting in a Net Deposit of 1000 – 400: 600 USD.

600 x 30% = 180 USD

As a result, 120 USD will be deducted from the bonus amount.

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