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Trading Volume Bonus

( Lot Size) 

For ECN Account 

By growing your trading volume, you may get a credit bonus of 2 USD per lot if you trade more than 25 lots.

Terms & conditions :

  1. The Maximum Amount of bonus can not exceed 2000 USD.
  2. This Bonus program is not available for Standard or Islamic accounts and is only eligible for those who have ECN Account
  3. If your free margin goes negative, we will cover your loss from your bonus.
  4. Any attempt to abuse this advantage may result in the forfeiture of your bonus.
  5. You are not allowed to withdraw your bonus.
  6. You can only request to have one bonus program for your account.
  7. Without prior notice, FXTradium has the right to cancel or withdraw your bonus.

For instance, a client trades 30 lots (Exceeding the minimum requirements), therefore is eligible to receive a 60 USD Credit bonus.

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